I’m Sarah. I live with my husband and two elementary-aged children in the suburbs of Toronto.

My blog is about living low waste living in a culture of convenience and our steps toward a simplified life. Living a sustainable lifestyle with kids is not only possible, but critically important for our future and theirs. I hope that by sharing what works for our family, you are inspired to make changes in your daily life too.


What else? I like to knit and yell at the radio. I love plants. My main interests outside of sustainable living are Henry VIII and Beyoncé.  I’m a Hufflepuff. My background is in neuroscience and I’ve been a high school teacher and a medical writer. I’ve recently moved from a vegetarian to a plant based diet to deal with some health issues. I live on a farm in my mind and would like a small one in real life some day. I enjoy noodles and weight lifting equally. I don’t like mushrooms and I’m allergic to celery.

~ Sarah Robertson-Barnes

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