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zero waste birthday parties for kids

Kids birthday parties are fraught for me at the best of times (so much noise!) but even more so after we actively started reducing our waste. As with many things, we have come to realize over the last few years that we can only control our waste output and quietly lead by example with our…

how to be sustainable in the suburbs

3 ways to have a zero waste period

Switching to reusables for your period is a great way to reduce waste, save money, and learn more about your body. Click through for a round up of the top 3 ways to have a zero waste period!

a (nearly) zero waste dog

We adopted our sweet girl in June of 2019 from a great locally-based rescue called Save Our Scruff. She is a Belgian Malinois cross from a shelter in Mexico and the snuggliest dog of all time. Jazz is a member of our family and of course we try to keep it low waste with her…

50 ways to be more sustainable (that have nothing to do with packaging)

The zero waste movement can be hyper-focused on plastic and personal trash, but for most of us, fitting a year’s worth of trash into a mason jar is simply impossible. Not to worry! There are SO MANY things you can do that have nothing to do with packaging – here are 50 ideas to get…

10 tips for going zero waste with kids

A common refrain is that a low waste lifestyle with kids is too hard, but says who? It doesn’t have to be that way! Check out these 10 tips for how to go zero waste with kids.

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