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quit using paper towels (and what to do instead)

Replacing paper towels and napkins with reusable options is a good place to begin reducing waste and saving money in your kitchen. Paper products (even those made of recycled content) still require a ton of resources to produce, ship, purchase, and bring home – only to use them once and throw them away. Nothing truly…

how to be sustainable in the suburbs

10 tips for going zero waste with kids

A common refrain is that a low waste lifestyle with kids is too hard, but says who? It doesn’t have to be that way! Check out these 10 tips for how to go zero waste with kids.

How NOT to Go Zero Waste

There has been a lot discussion lately as to whether or not Covid-19 restrictions on reusables mean the end of the zero waste movement. Although I began my low waste journey about 20 years ago, quarantine has thrown some thoughts about living “zero waste” into sharp relief for me. To be honest, I struggle with…

3 ways to have a zero waste period

Switching to reusables for your period is a great way to reduce waste, save money, and learn more about your body. Click through for a round up of the top 3 ways to have a zero waste period!

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