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a comprehensive guide to low waste laundry

Laundry is the chore than never ends, isn’t it? It takes a lot of energy (literally and figuratively), but adapting your routine for low waste living is more sustainable for both your lifestyle and the planet. Included in this guide are all options that I have tried and/or currently do. Find what works for you!

how to be sustainable in the suburbs

eco-friendly decluttering

It’s that time of year again, when we realize we may have overdone it and are faced with holiday debt and even more stuff. Decluttering becomes a main topic of conversation in January for a reason – it is now part of the buying cycle. Instead, let’s shut off the consumerism tap and be mindful of the water we are using, so to speak. The metaphorical sink is overflowing and there is simply too much stuff. Here are 7 ways to actively declutter the eco-friendly way!

10 tips for going zero waste with kids

A common refrain is that a low waste lifestyle with kids is too hard, but says who? It doesn’t have to be that way! Check out these 10 tips for how to go zero waste with kids.

how to drive less in the suburbs

Suburbs were designed with cars in mind. Roads, parking lots, driveways, and 2-car+ garages on homes all prioritize cars over people. Living car-free seems like only something someone living in a city with a great transit system (and probably no kids) can do. But what if we shifted our mindset from going completely car-less to […]

zero waste birthday parties for kids

Kids birthday parties are fraught for me at the best of times (so much noise!) but even more so after we actively started reducing our waste. As with many things, we have come to realize over the last few years that we can only control our waste output and quietly lead by example with our […]

yes, we still use toilet paper!

Here’s a bulk purchase you may not have considered…toilet paper. While I would love to get the whole family on board with using family cloth in addition our bidet attachment, they just aren’t there yet. We have eliminated paper towels, but toilet paper is a bridge too far…for now.

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