10 zero waste parents to follow on social media

“But I have kids, so…” is something I hear often when talking with people about living a lower waste lifestyle. “Kids come with a lot of stuff” being the other one. But do they? Or is it really just marketing, perceived convenience, and well-meaning relatives? No matter where or how you begin to lower your waste, it can be done with kids! The key is go at an appropriate pace for you family and involve your kids as much as possible.

Parenting is always a little easier with a village to support you. When you begin your sustainability journey, it might feel like you are the only one trying to make the change. Looking online for other parents with a similar mindset is inspiring and a great source of practical tips and information. Depending on your platform of choice, you can find people doing the eco-parenting thing on blogs, Pinterest, in Facebook groups, on YouTube, even TikTok. Keep things simple and pick your platform of choice to find a community to share with.

I prefer Instagram, so these folks are all people I have personally connected with other there. They all regularly share their experiences about navigating a low waste life with kids. Many of them are also active on other platforms or have really helpful blogs or podcasts, all linked below. Check them out and see what might work for your family too!

Joel Ussery – @sustainajoel

Joel stands in his backyard garden holding a large head of broccoli beside his face.

The elusive zero waste dad! Most of folks in the zero waste movement on social media identify as women, but don’t think for a minute that men aren’t out there doing the work! Joel shares how his family lives a low impact lifestyle on both Instagram and TikTok – everything from zero waste tips, plant-based eating and avoiding food waste, to gardening, solar energy, and prioritizing secondhand items. Joel lives with his wife and two small children in Northern California.

April – @zerowastedork

A selfie of April, when she still had very long black hair.

April (she/her) is a half Chinese, half white mom living on Duwamish land (Seattle) with her partner and two kiddos. She’s not an expert, just a regular person doing her best to learn as much as she can and to live out her values. As the only zero waster in her household, she tries to show the reality of living “zero waste” through the hashtag #ZeroWasteIRL. She advocates thinking beyond plastic packaging to consider the systemic aspects of waste, who has access to a zero waste lifestyle, and the radical changes that must happen at the societal level for a climate friendly future to be possible. 

Sophi Robertson – @yourecofriend

Sophi is crouched down, writing on a large container of scrappy fruit tea in a glass container.

Sophi was my first zero waste friend! I went out of my comfort zone by going to an event she put on in Toronto and just walked up and said hello. Sophi is a zero waste speaker and consultant, with a focus on supporting local small business, using what you have, and buying secondhand first. Her family’s journey to a zero waste lifestyle was recently profiled in Toronto Life magazine. She is also one of the co-founders of the WE-Solation web series on YouTube, featuring practical skills with tutorials from the sustainability community around the world.

Leah Payne – @leahstellapayne

Leah is sitting in a striped shirt, smiling and holding a cup of tea. There is a large plant in a white pot in the background.

Leah Payne is a writer, environmentalist, and mom based in Vancouver, BC. With a background in magazine editing and a Master’s in Library Studies, she loves writing and researching! Leah aims to create accessible, actionable, and empowering sustainability content that educates and inspires. Her website is a wealth of information and interviews about all things low waste. When she’s not working or running around after her toddler son, you’ll probably find her sipping tea or tending to her balcony garden.

Renate – @renatebakes

Renate is wearing black eyeglasses and a black tank top that says "This mom is doing her best." She is holding a protest sign that reads "Don't Just Strike! Act!"

Renate (ren-ah-tah, she/her) recently switched careers after completing her Geography & Environmental Science degree at UCLA, where she will return this fall to begin a PhD in urban agriculture. Based in Long Beach CA, she works with local food system non-profits to expand urban agriculture, advance food justice and policy, and connect farmers with their local communities.  Her spare time is spent gardening, cooking, and enjoying her toddler twins (conceived via IVF). She also hosts the “Burning Issues Book Club” which focuses on environmental justice.

Kids are people too.

They deserve to be incorporated into the zero waste movement.


Tess – @naturally_tess_

Tess has long blonde hair with bangs, and is smiling wearing a black and white checkered shirt.

Tess is an earth conscious mama (with a toddler and a baby on the way!) passionate about suburban homesteading, low impact living, and enjoying a holistic lifestyle in the Appalachian mountains. She shows you how to reduce waste when you don’t live in a city or have low waste/bulk shops nearby, and shares her plant-based food diaries every Wednesday. Check out her YouTube channel for everything from gardening to DIY skin care.

Jessie Stokes – @tinyyellowbungalow

Jessie has long blonde hair and is wearing tortoise shell glass, a black shirt, and a straw bag. She is standing in a field of blooming sunflowers.

Jessie runs the Tiny Yellow Bungalow online zero waste shop and was one of the first blogs I found about practical zero waste and plant-based living. She is passionate about sustainability and so generous with her knowledge and positivity. Jessie has an adorable toddler son and lives with her family in Athens, Georgia. You can also find her on Facebook and YouTube.

Nash Gierak – @defyingspace

A selfie of Nash. She has long black hair and is wearing red lipstick and a white button down shirt.

Nash is a writer, content creator, and consultant based in London, England. She began documenting her experiences living in a 35sqm attic flat with her partner and son as a way to show how sustainability and minimalism could work hand-in-hand in a small space. Nash has turned her specialized knowledge of zero waste and minimalism into a popular podcast. How to Be a Minimalist (The Sustainable Way) was released on iTunes in February 2020 and forms part of a greater project, which will include an online course, and a book. Head to her website for more info!

Meera Jain – @thegreenmum

A selfie of Meera sitting in a car. She has long black hair and a is wearing a black tank top.

Meera Jain is an eco-blogger, elementary school teacher, and mom of two young children. Her goal in life is to make living green accessible and easy to all. Since learning about zero waste, Meera and her family have significantly lowered their waste and their carbon footprints. Based in Toronto ON, our paths have nearly crossed a few times and hopefully will for real very soon! Be sure to check our her website for recipes, resources, and tons of eco tips.

Jess Purcell – @thoughtfullysustainable

Jess is standing in front of her raised garden beds. Her blonde hair is pulled back in a bun and she is wearing a black long-sleeved shirt.

Jess Purcell is a chemistry teacher turned stay-at-home parent who is passionate about explaining the science behind sustainable living. She is the creator of #sustainabilitysciencesunday, a weekly Instagram series of simple sustainability science experiments that can be done at home. Jess lives in central Pennsylvania with her husband, two kids, and two cats. She can usually be found outside, either digging in her gardens, hiking with her family or attempting to read a book while being cajoled into a game of hide and seek. You can now also find her on YouTube

Connecting with folks online is a great way to gain confidence in your knowledge and skills, making it easier to talk with your friends and family should the opportunity present itself. Community is a key component of sustainability, so be sure to seek out local groups and events that appeal to you as well. We have made friends with wonderful families this way! The best part of parenting with a zero waste mindset is raising responsible and engaged citizens with a strong sense of social justice and love for the planet.

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  1. I am so glad to have found so many likeminded people on social media, it really helps decrease the feelings of isolation when trying to raise conscious kiddos! Thank you so much for including me!

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