zero waste halloween roundup

Halloween is a scary time these days. Ghouls, ghosts, and witches have been replaced by sugar, palm oil, and plastic. But have no fear! A low waste Halloween is possible. Whether you have kids of your own, kids in your life, or love being a kid yourself on Halloween, you can lower your ecological footprint this year.

Check out these tips for low waste alternatives for Halloween, from costumes to candy, over on my guest post for The Zero Waste Collective – Zero Waste Halloween: 5 Ways to be Sustainable and Skip the Trash.

There are also tons of great ideas from all kinds low waste parents (including yours truly!) over at Honestly Modern – 19 Eco-Minded Parents on Eco-Friendly Halloween With Kids.

Want to make a reusable pumpkin using trash bound for the landfill? Check out this tutorial on how to on make a trash pumpkin!

seasonal decor – making a trash pumpkin

Hello October! It feels like it was March both 10 seconds and 84 years ago, doesn’t it? Around this time last year, my friend Ellen took the world on a journey in her Instagram stories when she documented her creation of a trash pumpkin. Yes – a pumpkin made of garbage. While I prefer holiday…

Speaking of pumpkins, don’t toss yours on November 1! Click below for tons of ideas on what to do with your pumpkin after trick or treating is done.

what to do with your pumpkin after halloween

Halloween is a very wasteful holiday (plastic costumes, plastic decor, plastic wrappers, plastic everything) but it doesn’t have to be this way! Reducing your plastic is one thing, but you may be overlooking a different kind of preventable waste – your pumpkin. Don’t just set it out with your green bin (or worse, your garbage…

How do you keep Halloween low waste? Share your tricks, treats, and tips in the comments!

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